The Best Affiliate Marketing Program of 2018

    The Best Affiliate Marketing  Program of 2018 -WebTalk

    What Is WebTalk?

    WebTalk is one of the newest social media Platforms “in the making” so to speak. It is looking to take on Facebook, which from the looks at the way it is growing, wouldn’t be too surprising in a couple of years.

    Not to mention all of the security leaks Facebook has been dealing with lately, and how Webtalk is claiming to fix with their new platform.

    Looking to be the best of the best of all social media, Webtalk has many interesting features that will be rolling out over the next several months. One of the most hyped so far is how they enable you to mix your work and personal all into one account, well without REALLY mixing the two together after all.

    Social Media for Work and Personal

    You see, whenever you are requesting to follow someone’s profile, it prompts you to select what type of relationships you have with this person,is it business or personal? Which types of posts would you like this person to be able to see, just the business, just personal, or all of the above? (which you also set every time you make a post)

    I think this is one of the biggest reasons people are starting to stay away from social media, is because you hear all these stories of how people got fired from their job because of a posting that wasn’t supposed to be available to the public in the first place, yet one of the insiders from work, leaked it, next thing you know you have HR knocking on your door!

    Personally, that one feature in itself could be enough to make people want to switch from Facebook IMMEDIATELY.  But plenty of other features are available as well, that put this social media platform, above all others.

    And that is why promoting this platform can be very ideal for many marketers, but just wait to hear about the incentive programs that are set up.

    How do I get an account?

    Well, currently they are in their Beta phase, in which you have to have an invite to create an account. (That is my invite link, you can also click here to follow me).

    Accounts are free for life, with the option to upgrade for Premium services, starting at 19.99.

    To be considered for the best commissions, you must join soon before the beta testing period ends, as afterward there will still be an affiliate program, but it will be with a completely different set of rules and commissions.

    The Affiliate Program

    Ok so now for the good part, how the money is made!

    Webtalk is committing to sharing 50% of revenue with the first 1million affiliates during beta testing!

    That’s a lot of money!

    So basically the way that you make your commissions, is through people that you refer, purchasing upgraded services, (in-app purchases) Or through purchasing something through the advertisement on the site, which webtalk would generally get a percent of being the advertiser for a publisher.

    Studies show that the market for people to make purchases will be about 1 in 20 people. Or another way to break it down is that affiliates are expected to make a minimum of $1 per person that they bring on.

    But it doesn’t stop there!

    You will gain commissions as little as 1$ per person in your network, which will go down FIVE levels. This means that if you refer 10 people, and each of those people refer ten people you would have 110 referrals. But thats only one level down.

    So just imagine, if you referred ten people and every person you referred, also brought on another ten people, and this continued for five levels, You would end up with Quite a bit of referals!

    And to top it off, this money will continue to come in for life! Month after Month!


    How to promote Webtalk?

    When you first open your account, it gives you the option of automatically contacting the email list that you have saved, with whatever provider you use.

    As far as I have read, almost all other means of promotion that are of the normal standards for promoting affiliate offers, are good to go.

    So start posting to social media! (all the other platforms that you have accounts with that is!) Writing up blog posts (like mine!)  Mailing your lists! And Make some money, Recurring money for life!

    Don’t Forget your link to sign up is here!<——–




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