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My First Blog Post

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My First Blog Post

This is the first blog post that will be the beginning of a change for me. In the past, I have had very little luck in my pursuit of making money online.

Sure I have made a few bucks here and there from small E-commerce sites, and a few affiliates offer here and there. By no means have I gotten anywhere near the success that I would like to accomplish.

Definitely not a full-time income or enough to just simply pay the bills. Paying the bills and just supporting my family are the only things I am really concerned about. The bare minimum would be just fine with me!

Shiny Object Syndrome

It seems that everyone that goes down the same path that I am in, always gets stuck in what people like to call  the “shiny object syndrome”, where they keep on chasing the next newest marketing tools or info products explaining how to make money online etc. and end up wasting a lot of money in the long haul that does nothing for them exept waste their time and money.

Some people spend thousands and thousands, getting themselves in debt and all. For my self, I can at least say that I am not in debt due to spending so much money on useless products, although I do feel that I am in somewhat of the same position.

I tend to spend all of my free times being up day and night trying to learn the next new marketing “hack” or the next “shiny object” (although I am at least skeptical enough about spending the very little amount of money that I do have which isn’t much as is!)

But one thing I have learned the hard way is that time is essentially more valuable then actual cash is. That’s REALLY what we are all here for isn’t it? To be able to overcome the slave ship of a 9-5 so we can have mo0re free time to do what we want, whether it be with our families, or just traveling around the world!


From looking at all the people that I have seen become successful at all in the MMO niche, it seems that they all have one thing in common.

That thing is, they all swear that they are only where they are today because of some mentor they had way back in the past that led them in the right direction. Furthermore, it almost seems like they all also invested quite a chunk of change, generally in the several thousands of dollars for these mentorships.

This is the exact reason that Today I have started the “Quick Start Challenge”. Which cost no where close to the amount of money that it seems some people have invested (I only have so much that I can invest, or I would invest more with no problem), but it is a group “challenge” that is supposed to help have several other people that push you along the way.

No Looking Back

From this day forward, I know things are going to be different for me, I will no longer be looking back, instead I will be looking straight ahead!

I have always put in the time and effort with little results, but now I have something extra driving me, I have that mentorship of someone that has been where I am before, and can prove they have successfully made it. So I will be documenting my experiences here on this blog.

And anyone that has any questions, or is here with me along the journey, please feel free to comment below and let me know. I will respond as soon as possible.

Thanks for reading and any encouragement along the way!

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