About Me

Hi, my name is Scott Estes and although I have been trying to make money online for quite some time now (7 years approximately) I have continued to come up short on my goals of being able to be location dependent and free from the typical nine to five job that most people end up falling into the trap of. I can not say I haven’t made any money while on my journey, I have had some small short successes in affiliate marketing and e-commerce.

But they were not for the long haul and that is my main goal here today. It is time for a change and I will only be looking forward from this point on. I would encourage anyone interested to follow me along my path as  I share my highest highs and the lowest of the lows.

I will be holding nothing back, even if I have embarrassing complete failures, I know that others will be able to learn from them and that is my main goal with sharing this experience. As I know that I  have long wished that I could have a blueprint to follow, one that isn’t just the buttered up parts that people want to share about, but the fully unedited versions, too see what everyone else tries to hide. As that is, in my opinion, the best way to learn, without having to go through all of the necessary hoops yourself.

Today I have started the Quick Start Challenge With Craig Crawford and Dean Holland as the groups’ mentors. We will endure five weeks of training and mentorship. And I hope that all the others in my group will end up as successful as I know that this is going to make me, as well as my readers are able to take the bits and pieces that they need, to help them on their journey.

When I am not being all Gung Hoe about online marketing etc. I am usually working a full-time job doing lawn care and maintenance, or spending time with my family. Please Feel free to drop any comments in the comments section at the bottom of each page! Look forward to sharing my experience and hearing feedback from anyone following along




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